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Meet our team

A close-knit and enthusiastic team, heterogeneous but united, each with its own peculiarities. That's how we picture it.

Fabia Parola-Staffolani

The industrious bee 🐝

When she's not running after her baby, she flies between meetings and coordinate the team.

She designed and realized the Business Center 3000 in Lugano together with her father Angelo and her brother Malco and is currently in charge of management and marketing.

Malco Parola

The innovative owl 🦉

The leader of coffee breaks, he manages to bring a smile to the team even on the greyest of days.

Trained as an engineer, he is the innovative soul of the group. Together with Fabia is the owner and manager of the Center.

Andrea Santaguida

The ubiquitous hedgehog🦔

Also known as yes-man, he makes it his mission to please everyone.

Shy, reserved but omnipresent, he is the reference point for all BC3000 customers.

Diana Bernasconi

The tropical ant 🐜

The sensitive to the cold of the group, she wears a scarf even in the middle of August.

Organized and efficient, she helps Andrea with the reception and administration of the center.

Stefania Magni Filippini

The solver fox 🦊

With her critical spirit and lifelong experience, she is the voice of wisdom for the team.

In charge of accounting, you can always find her locked in her office plunged in her numbers.

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